LinkedIn Campaigns

LinkedIn is our bread and butter, and we could talk all day about it.  In a nut shell, Planet 9’s LinkedIn campaigns generate warm leads for your business.

An Overview of Our LinkedIn Services

Our LinkedIn subscription-based campaigns create a community of ideal prospects for your industry, with you and your company as the leaders of the community.

We do this for the purpose of keeping your company’s name and expertise in front of your ideal prospects on a consistent basis, so when they are ready to purchase or invest, they desire to reach out to you.

Our Most Popular LinkedIn Services

(the bread and butter of our business)

  • Company Pages
  • Employee Profile Guidelines and Branding
  • C-Level Profile Customization and Network Building
  • Ideal Customer/Client Target List Builds
  • Outreach Campaigns via –
    • Messaging
    • Posting
  • KPI Reporting

To receive our LinkedIn Campaign PDF, which explains our services in detail AND shares our most important takeaways from our marketing research, please request it through our contact form. 

“LinkedIn should be connecting you to the information, insights and people to be more effective.”

– Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn.