Online Presence

How well does your web presence represent you and your business?

Does thinking about this question feel overwhelming?  To many of our clients, it does.

Your business’s or personal online web presence reflects on your brand, your reputation, and you.  We are here to create a concise plan that you can easily wrap your head around – and at the end of the day, you’ll know that your business is well represented and growing online.  Phew!

Web Presence Audit

Our audits are the beginning of our customization process.  It helps Planet 9 to know your online presence inside and out – and we scope out the competition.  Once the audit is completed, we explore the best options for your budget.

Some industries also have a need for public relations assistance as well, and we partner with firms that do that.  This takes the stress of your company having to manage a combined public relations and digital marketing budget.